300 Windy Days a Year – Welcome to Cabarete

300 Windy Days a Year – Welcome to Cabarete : is the title for our last work! Happy to have been part of this project!

Stars Shine Together by Alvaro Onieva

Today I want to share with all our readers a very interesting video. Produced by well-known Spanish rider Alvaro Onieva, which is proving not

Kitesurf Lesson : Beach Start

Kitesurfing: Start from the beach Once you have learned well and you are sure of yourself with water start, then you can engage yourself in

Kitesurf Lesson : Water Start

Kitesurf Lesson: Water Start The first thing to do to start from water with kitesurfing is to position themselves well, and the board. The kitesurf 

Want to Be a Kiteboarder?

Becoming a kiteboarder. Kiteboarding is similar to wakeboarding or surfing, but with more freedom. You can use a bi-directional board or a surfboard. You use

This is Kiteboarding

This is Kiteboarding from Scribblevision on Vimeo. This is Kiteboarding An introduction to the phenomenal sport of Kiteboarding. Music: Intro by The XX Nice

Golf Boys – “2.Oh”

Imagine if you had no clean water. Imagine walking 5 hours (almost as long as it takes Ben to play a round of golf)